Our main profile has been development and distribution of residential real estate for 25 years. With the experience of more than 2,000 delivered apartments, we build homes as we would built for ourselves.

We develop residential real estate mainly in Budapest and the agglomeration of the city, and commercial and industrial real estate in the countryside.
We maintain a strategic partnership with our contractors, and we make sure that our apartments come into the possession of our customers in perfect legal, technical and aesthetic terms. We believe that this basic value is the only way to build trust, and also for long-term value creation.

We operate a broad field of activity, in countless other industries, IT, robotics, agricultural machinery manufacturing, and technical commercial activities are also within our competence.

We believe that by creating a traditional and progressive, yet original concept plan, and keeping in mind the local characteristics, the special architectural heritage and the surrounding natural environment can also be preserved.

We have always guided the planning and construction programs of our condominiums according to the minimum principle, and we will do so in the case of our other projects planned in the city as well.

Below, we present some of our residential real estate projects similar to Zallure Park from recent years.


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Mobil: +36 20 669 0704

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