The Cloth Factory, dear to everyone’s heart, is being renovated!
After nearly 70 years, the iconic building complex is getting a new function.

A beautiful past – a sustainable future…

It has been an exciting, yet daunting challenge to preserve and transform a decades-old building to meet the needs and standards of the modern age and to make it sustainable and energy efficient in the long term.


After years of preparation, we have been able to explore all the options and finally found a way to avoid the demolition of the former Cloth Factory.


The concept was developed with the involvement of a wide range of local experts, including the City Council, the Planning Board and civil organisations.

Zallure Park

Flats, shops and community spaces in the shade of London plane trees.

A unique opportunity…

This architectural style, most common overseas, with its high ceilings, sunny, spacious but efficient living spaces, industrial atmosphere, huge terraces, is a rare property type, not only in Hungary.


Thus, from the very beginning, it has been a priority to preserve this unique design.



Living in a historic location? A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Zallure Park now offers this unique opportunity in limited quantities.

Shady London plane trees, panoramic views, LOFT style.

An investment in the future, the foundations of which were laid by our grandparents…

Even in the most uncertain of economic times, a well-chosen, well-informed property purchase will remain valuable in the long term.

Whether we choose our home here or invest our money, we are making the right choice, and fortunately, we don’t have to separate the two.

The value of Zallure Park homes is guaranteed by a myriad of factors, including thoughtful design, modern amenities, unique appearance, perfect downtown location and state-of-the-art construction materials.





It’s not just about buying a home…

The ecological footprint of property development is among the most significant.

The key to our future, achieving sustainable development is in our common interest and can only be achieved by working together!

By preserving and renovating the well-preserved structural and facade elements of the Cloth Factory, the environmental impact of development here will be reduced and the use of building materials optimised.

Zallure Park stands out from other residential buildings being built today with its unique appearance, its industrial style, its large divided windows, its high ceilings and its structure tailored to industrial needs.



By making your decision, you become a decisive part of the whole process! Let’s work together for a more liveable future, for the preservation of values!

  • Low utility costs
  • Heat-pump heating and cooling
  • Purified air
  • 3 layered windows and extra insulation
  • Flats with H-tariff electricity meters
  • Living spaces designed by an interior designer
  • High ceilings

Gives new meaning to the concept of investment!


In the current environment of high inflation, which is likely to be with us for some time to come, buying a home is a value-adding investment.

In a modern, well-designed property, you can save up to a third of the overheads, while at the same time, you can plan predictably from an investment point of view by renting a small apartment on a short-medium or long-term basis.

Not least, the savings on utility bills will stay with you on top of the rent.



If you don’t live in Zalaegerszeg but want to have your property investment in safe hands, contact us and we can help you with our complex property management service.

As with household appliances, the energy consumption class of a home is indicated by the letters of the ABC.

Energy ratings are the estimated annual energy demand of a property, influenced by a wide range of factors, and range from AA++ to JJ. With proper insulation, functional living space design, modern windows and doors, and a heat pump system, you can have a truly ‘energy efficient’ property.

According to the latest building energy requirements, a new building must be rated BB or better, these are the so-called near-zero energy buildings, like the apartments in Zallure Park.

The most important things to know:

  • According to ABC, the higher the rating, the lower the energy demand of the property (AA – low consumption).
  • A new-build home-rated BB can have an energy demand of up to a third of that of an average FF-rated home.
  • Even 8-12 year old homes are much less energy efficient than newer ones.


Zallure Park Kft.

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Mobil: +36 20 669 0704

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